Project Management

Activities carried out at international sites to manage large orders with the functions of Project Manager, Construction Manager, Cost controller, QA / QC, Commissioning, testing, etc …

The 5 groups of processes of a project are:

  1. project preparation and start-up (start-up process group);
  2. planning and planning (group of planning processes);
  3. execution or production (group of execution processes);
  4. monitoring and control;
  5. completion and dissemination of results (closure process group)

We know how to manage the problems that characterize even very complex works, ensuring coordination and integration between the various actors.

Studies, researches, monitoring, surveys, projects and realizations are often carried out by different subjects with difficulties of integration both from the point of view of contents, both from a temporal and a logistic point of view, thus imposing the need for a figure who exiles from the specialized attributes of each technician, and that is able to ensure a correct Project Management. Our staff is normally involved in similar activities.

We are able to plan the activities of each, to give a technical content to them and to follow their evolution over time ensuring the achievement of the objectives set.